PennsylWHAT, Now?

We’re moving to Pennsylvania.

As I write this, it’s not official-official that we’re going yet, but I just have this…something. “I have a feeling” is a silly notion to me in practice, and I imagine myself covered with a filmy, insincere, New-Agey residue just saying it. I guess it’s more of an inexplicable confidence based on circumstances that seem promising right now but could really go pear-shaped at any time. Or maybe it’s a coping strategy to prepare myself, in case it happens for real. Anyway, in a matter of weeks — or, who knows, even days — I’ll either be able to publish this post or delete it and laugh at myself. (UPDATE: Clearly, I published it, so…there’s your update.)

Wolf and I are on the cusp of a massive undertaking, a huge and momentous adventure: a job he was seemingly born to do. It’s all come about quite suddenly, as these things often tend to. Over the course of the last few months, this idea has grown from, “I just got a phone call from so-and-so who wants to fly me out for a meeting” to, “They want me there in November.” There was a lot in between, more than you might believe, and it all happened too fast and in too much convoluted detail to recount.

So we’re moving to Pennsylvania.


(And I am collecting money for the pool, the wager on how long it will take my parents to give me the old “Come get the rest of your crap out of our garage” line. Any takers? Hurry — the “less than 24 hours” slots are being snapped up quickly.)

Wolf will head out for a 120-day trial period on the job, with time to come back for holidays and the like, in early November. I’ll stay here (my job, my dogs, and a whole lot of packing to do…all that stuff is here). If all goes well, he will return in early March or so, and we will get our stuff together and make the move for real. Yes, it’s a “trial period,” but unless something catches fire in a big way, we have reasonable expectations that it will work out, so as of this moment, we’re full steam ahead. If something else happens along the way, we’ll change plans and deal with it as it comes.

Truman, of course, is our permanent dog and will be making the trek with us, but you may be wondering what will happen with Jethro. He will be coming with us as well! We’ve been granted permission to take him to PA with the understanding that we will be responsible for transporting him back here for his evaluations, turn-in, etc. It’s an unusual situation, and let me make the official disclaimer here that GDA owns Jethro, and this permission-to-move may be reconsidered at any time, for any reason, at their discretion. For now, I’m just grateful for the possibility. Moving across country will be stressful, and while a puppy in the midst of that will also bring its own chaos, I think I would be heartbroken to have to give the little guy back now. He’s a good dog; I’d like to raise him all the way to turn-in if I can, and hopefully see him graduate.

As for me, I’ve been a California girl my whole life. I was born in Southern California and I eventually spent more years living in Los Angeles than I did in Fresno, where I “grew up” (quotes apropos, depending on the day) in the intervening time. L.A. always felt like home to me even before I moved back here for college; I thought I’d die in this city (not soon, mind you, though the road rage might have eventually done me in by way of heart attack or life in prison for vehicular murder). If anyone would have asked, I might have said I was more likely to experience an organ transplant than a hometown transplant.

But there are mysteries aplenty in this life. God is full of them, love and marriage are full of them as well, and those three are the mightiest trump cards in the deck.

Holy crap. I’m moving to Pennsylvania.

Stay tuned.

5 responses to “PennsylWHAT, Now?

  1. Jenny, Wolf and Truman ~ Wow! We’re excited at the thought of your move. As a breed, born and raised Jersey Girl, I (we) can speak (woof) up and say the Eastern side of the our grand USA can be/is wonderful and thrilling. We’ve got NYC, Washington DC and of course Seaside, home of Snookie! What more could a puppy and 2 bipedals ask for. Hey, and besides we just had a 30″ snow blizzard!
    Please feel free to look us up when you settle in. Willow would so enjoy a nose to nose with Truman, and Shyla has taken a liking to Jertho. (my girls have good taste in men). Come spend the day running and sunning on the Jersey sand. You’ll see life “down the shore” is fabulous.
    Best of luck with all the packing, hoping it’s a smooth move. Trish

  2. Thanks a million, Trish! Will do…the boys can’t wait. Truman and Willow will be united at last!

  3. Kimberly & guide dog Abby

    Awesome! Being only 8 months removed from our own huge “holy cow, we’re making an interstate move” it was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. If you need a stopping point along your drive, we’ve got a spare room here in Charleston, SC. Might be outta your way, though. Will you raise for an East Coast school after Jethro?

  4. Kimberly, we’d love to visit you guys at some point too! As far as raising again goes, we’ll play it by ear. I do know that where we’ll be in Pennsylvania is close enough to raise for The Seeing Eye…. I’m sure I’ll keep you posted. 🙂

  5. Kimberly & guide dog Abby

    PA and SC are much closer then CA and SC, so maybe we will be able to meet some time. GDF is also looking for PWers in PA, and I’m sure most of the NE guide dog schools do too. TSE PRs don’t get to meet their dog’s partner, but do get to see the dog do a walk in harness with a trainer, I believe.

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