Jethro’s First Public Appearance

I had to work today, but Wolf was available to take Jethro to his first official public appearance as a representative of GDA — a GDA booth at the Disability Awareness Fair at Honda headquarters here in Torrance.

GDA is always looking for donors and puppy raisers (especially now, in the middle of the Great Puppy Glut of 2010), and the presence of a tiny puppy in his tiny puppy jacket does wonders for recruiting. We live close by, so despite Jethro’s not-yet-fully-vaccinated status, he was allowed to participate because it was a short time period and he was small enough to hang out on top of the table, with the literature.

Seriously, could you say no to this handsome face (or the puppy, for that matter)?

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One response to “Jethro’s First Public Appearance

  1. Kimberly & guide dog Abby

    Did GDA have a bunch of new PR’s after Wolf & Jethro’s appearance? They should.

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