Little Man on Campus

Wolf and I took Jethro up to the GDA campus today for his 12-week vaccine and stool sample (too much information? what he passed, passed…it’s all good). Great opportunity for a little photo shoot outside, since it’s safe for him to be on the ground there.

In case you’re wondering why he’s wearing two collars in these shots, it’s because his adorable Halloween-themed collar from the Target $1 aisle is worth about exactly what I paid for it. Little man does NOT enjoy being on tie-down at home when I take Truman downstairs and outside to relieve, and I once returned to find that Jethro had sprung himself out of the collar. If he boings hard enough, it snaps. But I refuse defeat, and put the extra collar on him when I’m walking him somewhere or need to tie him down. Take THAT, dollar aisle.

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