My Kindergarten Graduate

Our last puppy kindergarten class was tonight! We practiced restaurant-style seating with the puppies under our chairs, facing outward, and the humans enjoying desserts and hot beverages served by the kindergarten teachers. There was a wrap-up discussion with one last chance to review all we’d learned and ask any questions we might have about puppy behavior or training ideas.

As much of a schlep as it is from my home to Lakewood every Monday night, I really enjoyed the classes. It’s been fun getting to know Jethro’s classmates (Kudos, Lundie, Murphy, Nevin, Noby, Neptune, Patton) and helping to encourage the first-time puppy raisers. This was a lively group!

I’ve decided that next time, in addition to the graduation certificate we receive at the end of the class, we should also receive a training tool at the beginning of class. Something like this, a helpful reminder of our responsibility as puppy raisers and a way to celebrate one of our early goals:

One response to “My Kindergarten Graduate

  1. Kimberly & guide dog Abby

    LOL cute!

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