Rain, Rain, Go Away (No, SERIOUSLY)

This weather! We have had continuous rain here in Southern California for days. DAYS. And when I say “continuous,” I mean it hasn’t let up for more than an hour or so, one time, for DAYS. The natives are getting restless.

Mostly, they’re just bored.

But I’m always a little apprehensive when I see the face that asks the question, “What fresh new kind of trouble can I get myself into around here?”

The pack leader will be home again in just three days. Meanwhile, there is much cleaning to be done. Much shopping to be done. Much trying-to-avoid-soaking-the-dogs-while-they’re-piddling to be done. I’m wiped out just thinking about it.


One response to “Rain, Rain, Go Away (No, SERIOUSLY)

  1. Kimberly & guide dog Abby

    Rainy days are okay for a day, but more then that, and we get restless, as well. Twinkle toes Rufus thinks he’s going to melt in the rain, too. Not fun.

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