Just Like Kids

We took Jethro with us to the Christmas Eve service at our church, and we had to get there really early so Wolf could rehearse with the other musicians (he got to play his clarinet on several of the carols, which sounded terrific with the violin and the mandolin and the guitar and the bass and the piano and the vocalists…super cool).

While Jethro was pretty well-behaved for that time of the evening — he prefers shuffling to sitting still during the dinner hours — he did give me a look or two during rehearsal that indicated he was bored and would rather be elsewhere. People tell me that puppy raising is much like raising kids, and it’s times like this I suspect they’re right.

One response to “Just Like Kids

  1. Kimberly & guide dog Abby

    I hear ya. Abby was super-restless during Christmas Eve 11 pm candlelight service. Like an overtired toddler misbehaving just to stay awake.

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