Little Adventures

So far, we’ve had Sonny for about a week and a half, but he’s already had a number of adventures.

Just to get here, he had to travel by car all the way from Smithtown, NY, where GDF is located. That’s no mean feat for an eight-week-old puppy. My area coordinator said he was a good traveler.

He hasn’t had all his shots yet, so I’ve been carrying him into public places with me. Looking for a way to build your biceps? Carry a puppy through the grocery store.

So far he’s been to Trader Joe’s, Giant (twice!), Starbucks, and on a few brief car rides so he can get used to riding on the passenger side floor. He’s been to the vet, and I’ve even carried him on a couple of walks around the development where we live so he could sniff the air and get used to the sights and sounds of the neighborhood — cars, delivery trucks, other dogs, wind chimes, wind in the trees, etc.

Speaking of wind, I’d forgotten just how exciting wind can be when you’re housebreaking a highly distractible puppy.

“Busy busy, Sonny. Busy busy. Busy bu– NO, we don’t eat leaves. Give me that. Thank you. Busy busy. Busy busy. Busy bu– HEY now, enough with the spinning. Come on. I know you have to pee. No leaves. Give me…stop it. Hold still. Come on. BUSY BUSY….”

I swear there were three leaves in the entire parking lot, and every one of them blew into Sonny’s path. And then there was the day where it was nothing BUT leaves, blowing around and making noise and — I am not kidding when I tell you this — swirling right around us in a circle as I was trying to relieve him. It was also about 38 degrees that day, so you can imagine my level of patience with this whole process.

We’ve been having some car repairs and inspections done, so we’ve had just the one car between the two of us since Sonny got here, and it’s been nice to be able to deal with him while someone else is driving (he’s a pretty good traveler, but he’s at a very active age). I have yet to experience the fun of the first time driving by myself while little dog is on the floor but wanting to be in my lap. I have also yet to experience the magic of driving in snow or ice. And Sonny has yet to be introduced to sitting still under my chair during Bible study. On Thursday, we may experience all three of these things together. Wish me luck.

5 responses to “Little Adventures

  1. So when I thought about raising for GEB and was emailing back and forth with what would have been my area leader, they said they don’t give out puppy jackets until the dog passes an evaluation… usually around 7 or 8 months. Until then they can’t go in public. Is this different now? Have I completely lost my marbles (it’s possible)? He sounds like a sweetie, and I LOVE that you’re raising again!

  2. Oh! Gosh. Duh, Joanna. Well that makes A LOT more sense. I know plenty of people who raise for GDF! And yes, really! It seemed crazy to me, too.

  3. Kimberly & guide dog Abby

    That whole-distracted-while-you-ought-to-be-peeing thing doesn’t end with age. At least not with Abby. She revels in dragging out busy time as long as possible, unless she REALLY has to go.

  4. True. It’s just a lot MORE things distract them at this age. I still refer to Truman as “Captain Distracto,” even though he doesn’t necessarily stop piddling mid-stream anymore when he sees something interesting. Guess he’s mastered the art of multi-tasking!

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