Things I Have Learned From Ohana

1. Toilet paper makes a delicious between-meal snack.

2. Humans are not the only ones who snore.

3. Male dogs are not the only ones who…ahem…”assert dominance.”

4. Labrador is just another name for “landshark.” You know those stories about great whites where somebody catches one and cuts it open to find things like license plates? Wouldn’t surprise me a bit.

5. Rain is very exciting. Must bite rain! Rain must be conquered! WHY CAN’T I KILL IT?

6. If guide dog work is not in her future, Ohana would make an excellent drug-sniffing dog — she seems very excited about my neighbor’s apartment door every time we go into the hallway.

UPDATE 9/2005: Unfortunately, Ohana has been “career changed” (this is what GDA calls it when a dog is dropped from their program). She has a tumor behind her eye, which renders her ineligible for guide dog service. But while she may have a few medical challenges ahead of her, she’s now headed for a life of leisure and TLC with a wonderful person from GDA’s “I want to adopt a career change dog” waiting list.

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