Hound for the Holidays

I have company for the holidays! Annika celebrated Christmas with me, which was lovely. She even enjoyed the Christmas Eve service at my church. I only wish she’d been here a few weeks earlier so I could say I spent Hanukkah with Annika.

At 18 months, Annika is the oldest dog I’ve watched yet; she’s being turned in for formal guide dog training in about a month. She’s very well behaved but has a habit of “testing” me EVERY time we go out. She’s big and strong, too, which has proven a little challenging on the stairs at 6 A.M. when she has to pee.

She’s also quite useful around the house. This photo shows Annika helping me with the laundry.

UPDATE 9/2005: Annika has graduated in a special ceremony and is now living the guide dog life in Pennsylvania. This special placement is quite an honor, because it means Annika is up to the very difficult task of accompanying her new person (an expert guide dog user who has had other dogs) on the bus and train to work every day.

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