Little. Yellow. Different.

I wish I’d been able to hug and kiss him when he looked like this! He’s like the anti-Harvey!

Joanna, Lomax’s previous puppy raiser, kept a page for him on Dogster. Check it out if you’d like to see more of his puppy pictures and diary.

7 responses to “Little. Yellow. Different.

  1. I just finished reading all the blog entries, and I will freely admit that I have a big crush on Lomax. I wish I could have given him more hugs and kisses when he visited on Sunday. If you need to expose him to more baby human antics, feel free to visit anytime!

  2. Awwww…we’ll be visiting again for sure! Lomax needs some toddler time.

  3. I remember taking that picture!! It was my favorite picture of him of all time!! This is Joanna, by the way. Anyway, I love the blog and I look forward to reading it and keeping up to date with your little man! Fala’s learning how to get along without him, but she has SO much energy, she needs many more walks!! Thanks for sharing the blog with me!!

  4. Hi, Joanna! Thanks for reading! And I’m sure Lomax misses Fala, too…I’m fun, but I’m no four-legged wrestling partner. We’ll have to hook them up for a play date one of these days!

  5. I know Fala would absolutely love a play date someday!! 🙂

  6. He looks an awful lot like John Denver, sans glasses.

  7. Well, he DOES fill up my senses.

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