"Hail Lomaximus!"

Our first puppy meeting together. The dog costume contest.

I was concerned that the costume wouldn’t hold, the helmet or sword would go askew and obscure his vision and movement, that Lomax would wiggle his way out of it in the mad excitement of meeting dozens of new pups and people, that a spontaneous game of puppy flag football would break out and his fine red sash and faux-leather skirted accents would pay the price before the judging began. The contingency plan, of course, was that I would assert it was all part of the act, that Lomaximus had just emerged victorious from a brutal gladiatorial contest.

But there was no need. My beloved charge, my handsome little man, was well-behaved and fairly controllable…and I must say, looked mighty proud and confident in his getup. The much-hated helmet that had inspired death-ray looks of canine scorn in practice runs at home remained secure upon his lofty brow (he was too happy about the presence of others and being the center of attention to care much for the minor inconvenience). No one mauled him, nor did he maul others, though he did earnestly long for some extended sniffs in the general direction of the intact females in their pretty dresses and tiaras.

I had the opportunity to FINALLY, after just over two and a half years as a “future puppy raiser” attending meetings with either no dog or someone else’s, officially introduce myself and my furry foster child. Our happy moment was met with applause and cheering from those who have known me as their go-to puppysitter and a joyous participant in others’ graduations. Of no less importance was my announcement that Lomax was NOT dressed as a Trojan, as he had been announced (I am a UCLA grad with blue & gold blood in my veins), but as “Lomaximus, mighty Roman warrior.”

We came home with a (presumably) delicious rawhide chew tied in festive ribbons, the prize for Best Dressed…which we absolutely were, without question.

Finally, a hearty “Hats Off To You!” goes out to my good friend and former boss Ian at New Deal Studios, without whose tools, expertise, creativity and appreciation for the absurd I could not possibly have modified a child-sized Roman soldier costume to fit a wiggly Labrador Retriever. Thanks again, Ian! I owe you another latte.

10 responses to “"Hail Lomaximus!"

  1. Yay!!! Haha, I started laughing out loud when I saw Lomax in his costume. He looks so handsome!!! I’m happy that he put up with it all and very glad that you won best dressed!!! When I was raising, my pupps were always Best Dressed (my personal favorite was Vienna who, at 12 weeks or so was a baby clown and won best dressed/behaved), so I’m glad the legend still lives on with Lomaxy!! What a cutie. It seems like he’s really enjoying himself, thanks so much for giving him such a great home!!!

  2. Thanks, Joanna! He’s doing really well, and I love him very much. Next project: Downey Christmas Parade and its accompanying festive regalia.Mwahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa….

  3. AWESOME costume!!! My husband was looking over my shoulder when I pulled up your blog and completely cracked up at “Lomaximus”!! What a good boy (Lomax that is!!)

  4. Thanks, Kiwi’s mom! Yes, he was surprisingly tolerant of the helmet.

  5. Jenny, Are you and Lomax going to be attending the GDA graduation this month? I have a friend (Suzanne, who I believe you met when we swapped pups) whose dog is graduating and I want to go see them! So, I was wondering if you were going and maybe I could get some Lomax kisses! Joanna

  6. Lomax,My foster mom Sam and I are so glad to have found your blog. You sound like a really fun guy! Your costume is really fancy. I’m glad you won the contest. Our vet’s office is having a Halloween costume contest, so my foster brother Baloo (who is a yellow lab like you) and I were having a photoshoot in the backyard today.Looking forward to reading more about you!Calvin

  7. Calvin,Thanks for the compliment — you seem like a cool dog yourself (it’s too bad we live too far apart to hang out)! Good luck to you and Baloo with your costume contest, and thanks for reading!Joanna,I think we’ll probably be there, because a Labradoodle from our group is graduating…aaaaand because Jenny says I need to work on my “dog distraction issues,” whatever THAT means. Personally, I don’t think I have a probl–HEY! LOOK! IS THAT ANOTHER DOG? ANOTHER DOG! I GOTTA GO! IT’S ANOTHER DOG!Lomax

  8. Haha yes, that’s definitely Lomax. 🙂 I hope to see you there!

  9. Hey bro! You were lookin’ good at meeting last Monday. Congrats on the costume. Me, I’m just glad that my ordeal as a garden gnome is over. Although now my usual nickname “small black dog” has mysteriously morphed into “small black gnome”. My mom and dad think they are funny! On the other paw, we’re all glad you are in the group…and I TOLD you that we had a lot of cute females in this group! Love, Liam

  10. You’re so right, bro! The chicks are smokin’ hot. Except for our sisters…that’s just wrong.Lomax

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