Fire in a Crowded Theater

On Saturday night, Lomax and I attended a “drive-in” movie event on the soundstage at the studio where I used to work. It was a fun evening; we celebrated the tenth anniversary of the company with a screening of the original Creature From the Black Lagoon (in 3D, as you may have surmised by the photo) and a delicious carne asada taco feast.

While we were mingling pre-screening, I attempted to take Lomax out to the parking lot for a visit with “Kenny Asada,” captain of the grill. Barbecuing requires fire. And where there’s fire, there’s smoke.

And smoke, apparently, is a sign to the furry one that he needs to save my life by pulling as hard and as quickly as he can to get us outta there. It was like the Flintstones trying to start the car.

He didn’t bark or whine or put his tail between his legs and freak out, but he was clearly aware that there was some kind of dangerous thing happening over near the grill. I managed to calm him down and get him back inside (trying all the while to act as though this were nothing for him to worry about, a completely normal situation…because, after all, it was). There was a little smoke on stage, too, and he was not happy about that, but when we were safely out of range of the fire, he snapped right back into his usual happy self.

My roommate thought it was a wonderful and heroic thing that Lomax was trying to save my life from the terrible fire. She said, “That’s a good thing!”

“Sure,” I replied. “Until the blind person wants to go to a barbecue.”

3 responses to “Fire in a Crowded Theater

  1. Ooh boy, Lomax! Haha! I love it. He’s an odd one. I’ll admit, he’s never really had much fire experience at my house. 🙂 What a wacko!

  2. Maybe his nose is better than you think. maybe he was saving you from indigestion!

  3. What a hoot! Well, better too concerned than not enough I suppose. Over at, I noticed that Willow doesn’t like to walk across manhole covers so they all have their little quirks.

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