What are ya, BLIND?

Perhaps the most amusing thing about puppy raising is that sometimes, people (who obviously don’t actually read Lomax’s “Puppy In Training” jacket) think I’m visually impaired.

Especially when I’m wearing my black sunglasses and walking him down the street.

The bold ones ask me, “So, if you don’t mind my asking, are you totally blind?” But it’s the hesitant ones I most enjoy, the ones who just shoot a sideways glance toward my face as we’re passing. Is she or isn’t she…?

A friend suggested I use this to my advantage in situations where Lomax and I are denied access to a store or restaurant by a cranky merchant. “Just stare blankly, feel for the door and say in your sweetest voice, ‘I’m so sorry to have troubled you! God bless!'”

Heh heh heh.

6 responses to “What are ya, BLIND?

  1. Lomax, Sam had one of us pups (with “FUTURE Dog Guide” coat clearly visible)in the grocery store once. She was picking out some buns at the bakery, when a lady came up to her and asked if she could ask a question. She said yes, expecting the usual “How do you get into this?” or “How can you give them up?” questions. The lady asked, “How do you know which buns you are picking?” Sam (holding back a laugh) explained that she was not blind, and the puppy with her was in training. The lady nodded her head and said “Oh, I see, so you’re only partially blind!”. Sam again said that she was fully-sighted and explained more about the fostering program. The lady asked a few more questions, and then went on her way. Sam is still not sure if the lady believed her, as she kept staring right into her eyes while they were talking. Sam had a good laugh when she got home!Calvin and foster mom Sam

  2. I still like the story of the blind man that went into a store with his guide dog and swung him around in circles above his head. the manager of the store came over and asked the man what he thought he was doing? Just looking around, he replied.

  3. Haha, that’s fun! Some of my favorite comments (when at the mall in my complete soccer uniform) “Mom! How does that blind girl play soccer?” “I don’t know, sweetie, maybe her guide dog plays with her!” I also like how people, even people at my school, think that because I had a dog, I had to be blind AND deaf. “HELLO, WHAT A PRETTY GUIDE DOG YOU HAVE! MAY WE PET IT? WE’RE RIGHT HERE!” Wow. I did have some friends that took Lomax down to a food court once and they pretended to be completely blind. He wore sunglasses and just let Lomax lead him. Obviously Lomax wasn’t that good at it, so the boy kept bumping into chairs and stuff. He said he couldn’t tell you the number of people that rushed to him to offer assistance, or the number of people that said “that guide dog isn’t very good!” Haha! You gotta love the public.

  4. I’m always surprised at how many people ask if the puppy is “one of those blind dogs”. Obviously they mean “guide dog” but the “blind” part keeps tripping them up. Rockwell is such a puppy that no one has yet asked if I’m blind but one day, when he’s a little bigger, I am sure someone will!

  5. We certainly do attract the attention with these puppies and its amazing the vast variety of things that people think. With the bigger puppies the comment of “Oh she/he is blind” is A BIT more reasonable but it really is funny when you have a small puppy with you. The other commments I get are “Are you a profesional dog trainer” Umm NO! I’m only 15, “Is that a therapy dog” Umm no, I wouldn’t have my therapy dog in the mall, and then there are the people that misread the “Guide Dog in Training” and commment that its a GUARD DOG in training. That one just makes me laugh. Keep up the good work LomaxBuhbye, Amy and Foster Puppies Winter and Dart

  6. LOL! That’s funny! :-)The opposite happens to me: People think I’m training my dog, when in fact I’m the blind one! Practically every time I go somewhere I overhear a parent telling their child, “she is training that dog to help someone who is blind”. And a lot of times people will say to me, “You have a very well behaved dog. Are you training him?” To which I must reply, “No, she’s mine – I’m blind”. The person is always like, “Oh…” and then, they don’t really know what to say. I just smile and try to hold back a giggle. – Laura & Leader Dog Willow

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