Hairy Potter and the Goblet of Fur

Today Lomax turned 14 months old, so I took him to see a matinee at my favorite movie theater. It was a nice respite from the ridiculous heat we’re experiencing right now in Southern California (Accursed Santa Ana winds! I want to wear my turtlenecks!), which has brought on a response from Lomax’s Emergency Hair Shedding System. He’s like one of those cactus plants that shoot their needles at you if you get too close.

We got there early and took a seat, called my roommate to brag about what a good theater patron Lomax is, and fielded a few questions from the nice family sitting next to us. My favorite, from the little girl:

“Your dog is very cute! I’ve never seen a dog at the movies before. What if it’s scary? Will he be scared?”

I told her that Lomax is very brave.

This theater has plenty of space between rows, so he was nice and comfy. The stadium seating allowed him to peek between the chairs in front of us whenever he wanted to lift his head and see something. He slept through much of Harry Potter, but he was quite interested in one particular preview shown before the film. I saw what was coming and looked carefully for his response…still in a “down/stay” position, but ears up, brow wrinkly, eyes bright, and tail wagging subtly.

Sure enough, it was a preview for the almost-certain-to-be-beyond-lame Tim Allen remake of The Shaggy Dog, complete with requisite “Who Let the Dogs Out?” soundtrack. I told him we could rent that one, but I’m not paying ten bucks to see it.

9 responses to “Hairy Potter and the Goblet of Fur

  1. We’re jealous … haven’t been able to get to the theatre to see it yet, but certainly will sometime soon.Sam and Calvin

  2. First it’s amazing they allow dogs in movie theaters. LOL And secondly, did you have to pay for two? ROLI’m glad you both enjoyed yourself and if it’s Shaggy Dog he wants to see…well, us Mommy’s have to compromise sometimes.

  3. Sam, definitely see it! It was very good…but at 2.5 hours long, make sure you “relieve” first. ;)Conners, welcome and thanks for reading! I suspect I couldn’t have slipped Lomax in — adorable and charming and persuasive as he is — without his “Guide Dog Puppy In Training” jacket on…but we ARE in California, so who knows?

  4. Yes, Lomax is brave…but it’s a good thing there weren’t any scary garage doors in the movie.

  5. Do you know, I never thought of taking Rocky to a cinema? He likes to watch tv sometimes – it depends on the picture and the sound what attracts him. What a great idea!

  6. And stop talking about heat! Ack. I had to bike to the store today with a hat, neck gaiter and gloves and my hands were frozen so I know I should have worn mitts, not gloves. It’s warmed right up now to 20F but that’s only because of the sun.

  7. LOL — Sorry, Julia! If it makes you feel any better, today I might actually wear socks. =^PYou and Rocky should come for a visit sometime!

  8. You know, I never thought about taking a dog to the movies either.I think Lomax would’ve enjoyed the movie where the cats are trying to take over the world & the dogs stopthem.

  9. “He’s like one of those cactus plants that shoot their needles at you if you get too close.” You are a funny, funny person.

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