Runs in the Family

He’s lived here for weeks now, nearly two months. All of a sudden, he starts doing this, which is another habit he has in common with brother Liam.

It’s like when twins are separated at birth and raised in different adoptive families, separated by miles and borders and cultures…and they both grow up to be tap-dancing ornithologists who speak Portugese and collect antique fishing tackle.

He doesn’t drag other blankets or towels around, just the one from his crate. At least it picks the hair up off the carpet as he goes. If only I could teach him to use the Swiffer on the bathroom floor.

6 responses to “Runs in the Family

  1. Ah the Swiffer. Rocky goes ballistic when I use it. I have learned that I can swiff the hall by the baseboards (where the hair gathers) and once ‘round the kitchen if I hang onto his collar at the same time. Otherwise, he just jumps on the poor thing and tries to kill it.Lovely photos BTW and he looks so handsome in blue. 🙂

  2. His cutest trick! I love my Linus…er…Lomax!

  3. What an AWESOME dog. Its something about them basketballs.Thanks for the smile.

  4. Lomax thanks you all for the lovely compliments! He *is* an awesome dog, if I do say so myself.

  5. I second that Lomax is an awesome dog. Your dog is an awesome dog.

  6. nice site, good looking dog! Lomax! great name

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