I Love a Parade

Lomax and I marched in a Christmas Parade last Sunday, along with some other folks in our puppy raiser group. The crowd loved us, of course! Lomax was more than eager to strut his stuff for the public in his fancied-up training jacket and the special light-up collar I bought him as an early Christmas gift. The marching bands didn’t phase him; neither did the horses. He was tempted to go play, however, with the adorable little girls from a local Brownie troop, who were dressed as gingerbread houses.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a whole bunch of photos…just the few quick ones I could snap while we were milling about in the parking lot, waiting for everyone to arrive and “suit up.”

Christmastime in Los Angeles…

Looking our holiday best…

Sweet Darla looks like a wee angel…

But Lomax is always best dressed!

4 responses to “I Love a Parade

  1. It just does not seem right to be wearing T-shirts in a Christmas parade. Here, we must wear at least 4 layers if we are to survive without becoming a snowman by the end of the parade.Sam and Calvin

  2. Hi Lomax,You sure are a cutie 🙂 That jacket of yours is very festive and pretty.Hi Jenny,I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now, and i love all your stories about Lomax and his buddies :)Natp.s. Sam, i agree…it snowed so much in Toronto t0day that it took me two hours to get to school 😦

  3. Pretty fancy with the sparkly holiday touches! Rockwell will tolerate his jacket for a while, but I am sure if I put garlands on it, he would have them chewed up in a trice. He doesn’t even like it when I put a handkerchief around his neck and sits there, worrying at it until he can get a corner in his mouth and suck on it.

  4. Calvin –you’re right, it does probably seem a little crazy to have a Christmas parade without some kind of…weather. I’ve lived in California my whole life (the last 14 years or so in Los Angeles), so I’m strangely used to it! I wouldn’t know what to do with actual snow….Nat –Welcome! Thank you for following our many adventures, and thank you for the link from your blog! May your puppy come soon.Julia –If I can get him to wear a Roman soldier helmet, I can get him to wear anything. Rockwell’s time will come. 😉

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