The Lion, The Witch and the Labrador

Lomax gives the new Narnia movie two dewclaws up.

“Couldn’t get enough of the wolves,” he says,”and the battle sequences were riveting! Full of animals! I hope the man sitting in front of us didn’t mind my snout on his shoulder.”

10 responses to “The Lion, The Witch and the Labrador

  1. Did Lomax really watch the movie? And I forgot to ask last time – how do you keep him from sticking to the floor of the cinema?

  2. OH, it’s a true story — he absolutely did watch the movie, at least the parts with the animals. Loved the wolves and griffin for sure (dogs and birds…big shocker).The theater we like has stadium seating, which affords him a nice vantage point, even while lying down, between the seats. I warned the family sitting in front of us ahead of time, but they love dogs and showed great amusement at his occasional intrusion. He wasn’t after them or their popcorn…he just wanted to see the screen.

  3. And I forgot to answer your question!I coat him with Teflon.Kidding. Actually, that particular theater’s pretty clean, even the floor. But I do a quick check under a few seats before we sit down to make sure there are no obvious food temptations that will stick his *tongue* to the floor.

  4. I think the sheer amount of hair Lomax sheds wherever he goes creates enough of a bed that he never actually makes contact with the floor.

  5. Ah teflon! Hadn’t thought of that. Also, I suppose going to a matinee might mean less food on the floor. Very nice of the people in front and I bet it was fun for them to have Lomax there. Better than doofi (the plural of doofus) talking the whole time!

  6. Tim, LOL! Perhaps for Christmas, I’ll vacuum the floor of your truck. =^)

  7. I went to see the movie too! I Had been waiting for the movie to come out for a long time (1 1/2 years) and after I got Kirby, I always planned on brining him. If you’ve ever read my blog, you would know why it didn’t happen but i still enjoyed the movie!P.s. Did YOU like the movie?

  8. Im reading the book so its good to hear it gets a lab’s approval.

  9. Dog blog — I *did* like the movie! And as a matter of fact, I used to work at the visual effects company that did the miniatures/mechanical effects for the “frozen waterfall” sequence, which turned out pretty cool. Of course, most of the movies I’ve worked on have been pretty bad…so it was nice to see the company get a little work on something good!m-fax — Anything with animals gets Lomax’s approval. Right now he’s particularly enamored of a TV commercial starring a family of polar bears…gets up from the floor to walk over to the TV, nose-to-glass. Thanks for stopping by, and give Bosco our best!

  10. OH…in case anyone’s curious, the aforementioned visual effects company is New Deal Studios, here in Los Angeles. Take a look; they do great work!

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