One Week ‘Til Christmas!

“Dear Santa, I have been REEEEEEEEALLY good this year. Will you bring me a basketball, some toys, and…um…a girlfriend?”

6 responses to “One Week ‘Til Christmas!

  1. Oh sweetie! I could just hug him to pieces. The dog, not the santa.

  2. Look at that HUGE smile on his face!!!! Sooo cute, Jenny!

  3. Awww what a cutie! Lomax i’m sure you won’t have trouble getting a girlfriend with that grin :PNat

  4. Oh, yes. Lomax knows *exactly* how cute he is….

  5. Lomax is indeed a handsome one. Merry Christmas to you and him.

  6. ‘Course, even if Santa did bring Lomax a girlfriend, his girlfriend would only be the second best one around. 🙂

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