1,000 Words in Lieu of A Picture

Many apologies to our regular visitors! Lomax and I have been quite busy since the holidays, and blogging has taken a back seat to our various post-Christmas, hit-the-2006-ground-running activities. Just a quick update….

1.) Lomax is maturing physically (and not just in that “ladies man” way which I have already lamented). I’ve noticed, and many others have commented, over the last few weeks that he seems broader in the torso, more “filled out.” And he suddenly has quite the profusion of neck. When I retired his fancy Christmas collar and brought back his usual blue one, it was too small and had to be adjusted. I refer to this new over-the-collar spillage as “the wrinkled neck of wisdom.”

2.) His strength seems to have increased as well, which is challenging when there are females anywhere near us — as there always seem to be when we go to puppyraiser meetings, since there are so many breeders in our group. In the desperate hope that I will not someday find myself in the position of Monty Python’s black knight, I have stepped up the amount and intensity of our obedience practice and am working like never before on getting Lomax to focus on his handler when in the face (or, um, other end) of very tempting distractions. He’s doing well.

3.) He’s still a cutie. I just got a brand new digital camera, so evidence of this will be posted soon…that is, as soon as I can figure out all the fancy bells and whistles accompanying such dizzying technology.

2 responses to “1,000 Words in Lieu of A Picture

  1. Well it’s only been a week! But we’re glad you’re back and Lomax is doing well (in spite of his masculinity). Looking forward to the new photos.

  2. Lo, the prufusion of neck. Looking forward to the pics.

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