Lomax Takes LEGOland

Because the real city of New York might be a bit overwhelming for both of us, Lomax and I decided we’d try a smaller version of it first. Here he is, smiling for the camera as always, in Times Square.

As it turns out, LEGOland is a great place to go on a Thursday in January…especially if you have free tickets. The weather was perfect and it wasn’t very crowded. Because the park caters to smaller children, Lomax had lots of practice ignoring little hands and cries of “doggie!” from passing strollers. He was as surprised as I when a free-range toddler managed to sneak up behind us and pull his tail, but he didn’t do anything naughty.

There were so many new and exciting things to see, hear and smell that Lomax walked pretty fast most of the day, and it was a challenge to keep him in a nice heel position for any significant length of time. I did what I always do, which is change directions on him — right, left, or a complete 180 — to keep him focusing on me and anticipating the next move. It’s effective, but it does make getting from Point A to Point B a little less direct. I hate to leash-correct him so much in public, because people tend to get the wrong idea…not that you’d think this dog is mistreated, looking at his happy face, alert ears and constantly wagging rear end!

Overall, he did very well. Loud, strange noises were met with curiosity but not fear, with the exception of a lifesized, beeping LEGO model of R2-D2, upon which he looked with great suspicion until later in the day when I brought him back to sniff and make friends on his own terms. He didn’t even mark, as he is sometimes wont to do (even in jacket! aigh!) when we pass too close to a previously “decorated” shrub.

Lomax was allowed to go on one attraction, a slow boat ride on the river that runs through the “Miniland” section of the park. He wasn’t sure about getting on board the boat from the dock, but he did jump in with my encouragement. Once I sat down on the seat with him seated on the floor between my legs, however, he decided he would rather climb cartoon-style over my entire body to exit, stage left. I got control of him and sat him back down, but he spent the rest of the ride with his front legs tap dancing on the floor of the boat, acting as though he would love nothing better than to ditch this lame tour and take a refreshing swim. He exited the boat happily, but not in an out-of-control fashion, and seemed just fine.

The only truly disobedient thing he did all day — because there always has to be ONE thing — was lunge for a piece of dropped food. He is very well behaved around food as a rule, so this was surprising! But it was one of “Granny’s Apple Fries,” so I can understand the temptation. I pulled it out of his mouth and put it back on the ground to set him up a few times. After one more successful Lab-mouth lightning-strike (fastest tongue in the West) and several corrections, he learned to leave it alone and was richly rewarded with hugs and kisses and praise. Also, the threat of jail time is very effective.

9 responses to “Lomax Takes LEGOland

  1. Wow Lomax,… It sounds like you had a good day. Jenny,… Winter and I both think that you are doing an AWESOME job with him. Keep up the good work!Buhbye, Amy and Winter

  2. Yay Jenny and Lomax! Sounds like you guys had fun-I’m glad at least you guys have sun over there in LA. Next time you go out, think of us poor Canadians in -22 degree weather! ;)Congrats on a successful day out :DNat 🙂

  3. What a cool trip!Calvin is jealous (as am I). Sam and Calvin

  4. Hey Lomax,Were you in jail for lungin’ for a piece of dropped human food? How long were you in there? Good thing my friend, Tule, wasn’t on that cooool trip with you. She would still be in jail. She loves fallin’ food but her humans keep a pretty good eye on her. But when she’s on her own, watch out anyone or thing between her and the droppin’ dollop! Of course she’s not in trainin’ like you are.Must be hard not to be able to ‘decorate’ when and where you want to. I know I’m not to mark our house or other people’s yards. Guess it is about the same.Tell your human that it looks like you and she make a great team.Good luck with your trainin’.Woof!Freda

  5. Hello Jenny and Lomax,Jenny keep up the great job you are doing with Lomax. The organization that you are with sounds very efficiant like the one Sam, Amy, Nat and I foster for.Working with an older male that may go into their breeding program is not easy, but it is manageable, you are proving that. David, Nancy and the Gang

  6. Wow, Lomax sounds like such a good boy! And so handsome, too.

  7. sounds like a fun day 2 me!

  8. Hi, everybody! Thank you all for your encouragement. That’s one of the best things about puppy raising; everyone else who does it is very supportive. I wish you guys could all meet the terrific people in my puppy raiser group!Lomax sends his love to everyone, four-legged or two. =^)

  9. Good story! I like the fact that you make him walk where you want him to as a means of getting him to do something right. I will try that with Rockwell, when I see he wants to jump on somebody. But you’re right – it’s going to take me longer to get there from here!

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