The Return of Lomax

The kennel stay was a success. GDA kennel techs report that Lomax and Liam were “very good boys” with “NO signs of stress.” Not shocking in the slightest, either of those things. Our happy bachelor brothers did, however, take every available opportunity to…attempt to woo the ladies, shall we say? And yet, still no word on their breeder evaluation schedule (Liam is ALSO still intact, as is most of their litter).

I had the in-house vet check Lomax for an ear infection, as he’d been a little “flappy” for a day or two before, and sure enough, he came home with meds for his left ear. But he’s been a sport about that so far, sucker for an ear rub that he is.

The two of them must have played constantly for the whole three days, because I got an e-mail from Liam’s puppy raisers, saying that he had effectively put himself to bed at seven o’clock. Lomax was so tired last night that I actually debated whether or not to take him to obedience class. Thinking it might be nice for a change to work with him when he’s less wiggly, however, Slave Driver Jenny dragged the poor little man to class and experienced the phenomenon of having to encourage him to keep up during an average-pace heel.

I felt so spoiled! Free vet care, a few days of romping for him and total freedom for me, and they bathed him and trimmed his toenails to boot. There’s nothing like getting back a clean, sleepy dog.

9 responses to “The Return of Lomax

  1. Yay! Welcome back Lomax! We’re glad you had lots of fun with Liam and Jenny, about the obedience class, i would have done the same thing lol :DNat and your new friend Petey:D

  2. Glad to hear Lomax made out ok at “camp”. I’ll bet you enjoyed a bit of a break from him but are glad he’s back. If he’s chosen for breeding will you continue to foster him, or will he go somewhere else?

  3. Glad your back Lomax! I really enjoy reading your blog!

  4. Ah there’s nothing like a sleepy, good dog. They haven’t said if they will take Rockwell into kennels before he goes back for good. It will be interesting to see how that unfolds if it does. But he is only 7 months old, so we have time to spare.Good picture of Lomax looking tuckered out. 🙂

  5. Thanks for all the welcome-home well-wishing, guys!Julia, this is the closest I’ve ever been able to get to him to take a picture when he’s asleep! He is ALWAYS ready to spring into action; the minute he hears me near him, he’s poised to jump up and follow me wherever I might be going. If he hears the click (or beep) of a camera, it’s usually all over. He was exhausted beyond description, and it was hilarious. I had to just about pick him up to get him to go outside and relieve before bed!gwiz, if Lomax is chosen for breeding, I will get a call with the offer to become his “breeder keeper,” but it breaks my heart to say I can’t do it. I live in an apartment (and am single, so there’s no one else to look after him during the day), and can no longer take him everywhere once he’s not “officially” in guide training. He would go to live with another GDA volunteer who’d be able to give him a more comfy home — the best case scenario is that it would be someone in my puppy group (so I could occasionally see him), but there’s no guarantee. So I’m just hoping and praying he’ll become a guide!

  6. Hi Jenny and welcome home Lomax.The kennel exposure week sounds like an excellant idea to help the dogs adjust.I know what you mean about wanting Lomax to become a working dog and not being able to foster him if he becomes a breeding dog. If Keelin were to be chosen for the breeding program, we would not be able to foster her and continue with our own breeding program. I will explain this in an article on my site.I have an idea. Lets have a day in the life of, service dog puppies. We can pick one specific day soon to take our photos and each of us could post one picture each on our blogs or we could set up a group photo page. Just an idea.David

  7. Jenny, I am suggesting that all of us who foster these puppies Sam, Amy, Julia, Nat, Lisa and others submit a photo.David

  8. David, that’s a great idea! I’ll find out for sure when I’m taking Lomax in for…The Dreaded Procedure…after I call the school on Monday. As soon as I know what dates are unavailable for us, I’ll let you know.You guys can always e-mail me too, if it’s easier. I have an address linked to my Blogger profile.

  9. Since I take photos of Rockwell almost every day, I’m good to go on the “day in the life of” idea. I’ll check here every day to make sure I don’t miss the announcement (like I don’t obsessively check every day anyway – Ha!).

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