The Big Snip

I just found out they’re going to neuter Lomax. According to a trainer in the GDA puppy department, they “found something in the lines” that made them decide to fix ’em. It sounded like she was speaking in the plural, so while she didn’t specifically say the whole litter, if there’s something in the lines they want to discontinue, it makes sense. She said “they’d still make great guides,” so it’s apparently nothing too serious, but I haven’t had a chance to speak with her directly because I didn’t get her message in time. I won’t know until Monday, which kills me!

After all my lamenting, my soliloquies on the difficulty of reining in a four-legged teenage boy in spring-loaded furry tap shoes, I am feeling a little sad. My roomie is feeling the same way.

It’s not just that there will be no little Lomaxes (Lomices?), or that he has individually been rejected. I think what makes me sad is the possibility that there will be no breeder from the whole litter. I didn’t seriously think they’d make him a breeder (in my opinion, he’s a little nuttier — pardon the pun and sorry, Lomax — than some of his sibs), but I was looking forward to hearing a happy announcement that Liam or one of his other littermates had been chosen to pass on their fine qualities. They really are terrific dogs, these guys.

But the…ahem, procedure…really will make the rest of our time together easier, on both of us, so I’m focusing on that.

10 responses to “The Big Snip

  1. I just finished posting my comment on your last article. When all of a sudden I saw your symbol which cracked me up. No pun intended.David

  2. Calvin too is getting ready for his little operation within the next couple weeks. He and Lomax can feel sorry for themselves together while you and I rejoice!I agree with David, the picture is great.Sam and Calvin

  3. oh no, haha, poor Lomaxy!!! He’s not going to know what hit him! But, at the same time, I’m sure you’re going to be a bit happier with this decision. 🙂 Are you planning on going to graduation? I want to see my little guy eventually!!

  4. Lomice – cute. They haven’t told me when Rockwell will be having his “procedure” but I believe it will be before he is a year old. As Peter observed the other day, “they” are starting to dangle a bit, they are getting so big. I guess what he doesn’t know, he won’t miss.

  5. Awwww too bad- no little Callys or Lomices-but then again, have fun with your neutered boys-if you want some crazy humping in the hosue again, you can always take Petey-I’ll fly him out to LA ;)Nat and Petey 😀

  6. Thanks, everyone, for your condolences and commiseration! =)Joanna, I might be at graduation, but I’m not sure yet. Check in with us later this week….Nat, LOL!

  7. Poor, poor Lomax and Calvin, the soon to be singing saprano boys. Molson feels their pain!!Jenny, I completely understand your desire to have a graduate. After having two DQ’s I was a bit discouraged when my ‘hope’ of having a graduate was on Egan. The big guy surprised EVERYONE (in more ways than anyone could imagine)!!!Enjoy Lomax for the remainder of his time with you. He’ll make you proud!

  8. I knew when I got Kirby they were going to “fix” him. So at least Lomax had a chance. oh Well, good luck at Guiding Lomax!

  9. We are a little sad, too. But you are right: these guys come from a great line and a great litter. Whomever ends up with these guys on the other end of the harness will be very, very lucky indeed.Love ya Lomax!Liam’s people

  10. Cut if you must but at least get a set of “Neuticles” ( brand name no kidding) installed. Thusly insuring his self confidence and esteem (according to the advertisement anyway)

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