"I Thought We Were Going Out for Ice Cream"

The crazy thing is, it’s not his stitches he’s obsessed with. Instead, he’s taken to licking the spot on his arm (foreleg? whatever) where he was shaved for the IV insertion. So I’ve had to wrap it with a pad and some gauze in order to prevent him from making it any worse.

So he started licking the bandage, which moves it out of place (and makes the bandage all wet). So I sprayed it with bitter apple. Which apparently just makes the bandage zesty and delicious.

“Just correct him when he does it,” you say? I did that for a while, and it seemed to be very effective…he’s fine when I’m watching him like a hawk. But the sneaky little bugger will be clever about it just to spite me. “OH, look at this wonderful toy I’m playing with here on the floor. I think I’ll just position it right next to…my arm while I…nonchalantly…sneakinareallyquickSLURRRRP!”

“Fine,” I say. “I’m getting The Cone.”

4 responses to “"I Thought We Were Going Out for Ice Cream"

  1. Wow Lomax, you sure are smart! I hope Petey’s not as sneaky as you when he gets his big snip-snip ;)Btw, you still look very handsome, even with the cone on! :DNat

  2. Wow Sam and I were just having a conversation about caniving things our puppies can do. Winter used to use the same “I’m just chewing my toy” trick to chew up my shoes!Buhbye: Amy, Winter and Polaris

  3. Oh the cone! A megaphone, essentially – amplifies the barking. Uma used to walk into walls with the edges of hers. What a noise! I guess the front paw is just easier to get at, compared with the back end.

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