A Lomax By Any Other Name

We’re not supposed to give them nicknames, these dogs. Lomax knows his REAL name, and responds to it, but anyone who’s ever had a dog knows that you can’t avoid the inevitable parade of nicknames. Here’s ours:

Mr. Lomax
Little Man
Mr. Happy
Danger Tail
Mr. Moof

5 responses to “A Lomax By Any Other Name

  1. Don’t forget “Little Yellow Man”, my favorite. See “Dogless” 1/23/06.

  2. I love the “Mr. Happy” entry, where his wagging tail propels his happy hiney out of the sit position. We also call ours Mr. Rockwell but we never called Uma “Miss Uma”, I don’t think.The previous entry heading, combined with the photo of the cone, still makes me laugh.

  3. James –Yes, he is indeed still my “Little Yellow Man.” I forgot about that one! I also omitted “Boo Boo” and “Sweetpea”…Lomax didn’t feel they were manly enough.Julia –I never referred to female dogs I’ve puppysat as “Miss” either, for some reason…hmm. I tend to refer to them as “Puppy Girl” instead. 😉

  4. Uh oh! Suddenly he is responding when I say Mr. Peanut Butter Puddlywumpers! I can’t help myself – it’s such a great name.

  5. Julia, that is CLASSIC. It’s not worth the explanation it would require, but the roommate and I have a long-standing joke that we are going to name my next puppy “Colonel Chalupa Christmas-Pants.”Seriously, don’t ask.

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