The Return of the Two-Minute Pee!

I shouldn’t be as excited about these things as I admittedly am. Surely it speaks volumes about my life.

A few days ago, Lomax took about the longest pee I’ve ever seen him take. I didn’t have my watch on, so I couldn’t clock it, but it was amazing — it must have been a minute or more. I stood in awe; we were out there so long it was almost embarrassing. He was full stream ahead, standing in one place, one little hind leg raised slightly. There was no sniffing every three inches for someone else’s pee-spot to be usurped. There was no desperate search for a tree or a lamppost or another suitable target.

Brother Liam’s people once referred to our boys as “Lords of the Three-Second Whiz,” but I am relieved (ahem) to say that now, post-neutering, those days seem to have passed.

Ah, progress.

5 responses to “The Return of the Two-Minute Pee!

  1. Hey, I have a whole month of posts about poop, I wouldn’t worry about a little pee (or even a big pee). I wonder if you are close to the mark (pun intended) and Rockwell’s “incident” was about the testicles. Nothing had happened that day but he did pee right outside the guest room!

  2. Wow Lomax!Two minutes! That must have felt reeeeelly good. I have a nice pee of about ten seconds once in a while and that feels great. I feel sorry for any plants that may have been marked by your great flood.Woof!Freda

  3. I think what surprises me most about these marathon pee sessions is that, though his bladder is obviously full, Lomax is often willing to run around and play and ask for belly-rubs right up until the time I take him outside.Can you imagine anything less appealing when YOU have to go to the bathroom? The last thing I’d want to do is run around….

  4. Hey everyone!My foster puppy had a pee like that today.. funny I would just start reading your blog today when both of our doggie have HUGE-ly long pee’s!

  5. Hi, Amy and Echo! Welcome to the Beastie blog.Seems everyone is relating to our less-than-attractive subject matter. Must be something in the air…or the water?

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