Yes Yes, Good Morning

I wish I met each day with such enthusiasm. YES I’m getting up. Now stop slobbering on my sheets.

6 responses to “Yes Yes, Good Morning

  1. awww.. how cute!I also wish I was woken up that way all the time, too! lol

  2. I am woken up every morning that way. You have captured the look perfectly, you have taken a wonderful picture.

  3. Rockwell tends to go for the two front feet as well as the head. That’s perfect.

  4. Aww, so cute! This is exactly the same picture I see each morning, too. And I mean exactly since he is a yellow lab, too!

  5. I sure hope it isnt the dog on the bed looking down at you on the floor.

  6. Yes, well, and maybe he has to GO as well. Wonderful pic.

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