Yes, I Said It Out Loud

“No, Lomax, that’s NOT a man with a dog. That’s a man with a rolling suitcase.”

4 responses to “Yes, I Said It Out Loud

  1. HA! I said that too! Only I called him Rockwell, not Lomax. And I explain other things too. Good grief.

  2. I also caught myself explaining to Allie, our beagle. On a walk with me yesterday, she saw a woman with a baby stroller, and kept dancing around and whimpering, trying to go see her. Cyndi was away from home, so I explained that no, that wasn’t Cyndi. Allie misses her.

  3. What’s so strange about that? Inquiring dogs want to know.

  4. Julia — I do get the strangest looks sometimes. I’m sure you can relate.James — Awwww….Hank — I’m mystified as to why Lomax sees a real dog, a dog on TV, and a rolling suitcase as the same thing, that’s all. Perhaps this mystery is worth a post full of Hank wisdom on your blog!

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