Photo Op

Today was graduation day up at the school, so Lomax and I went to celebrate the matriculation of Bella, another dog from our puppy raiser group. Afterward, we got to spend some time with Lomax’s first puppyraiser, Joanna, and her friend, Christina, who had attended the ceremony as well.

And if there’s one thing Lomax enjoys, it’s the company of beautiful women. Look how happy he is here:

4 responses to “Photo Op

  1. Aww Lomax does look happy with two women! 😉

  2. Yes indeedy. As I am fond of saying, “Lomax lo-o-o-o-oves the ladies!”

  3. And the ladies tend to love the Labs. I think its the hairy chest.

  4. The “winning smile” doesn’t hurt either, eh Hank?

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