You Are My Sunshine

5 responses to “You Are My Sunshine

  1. Lomax always has such a happy face.Kamra takes always takes photos with such a sad face just can’t get her to smile.August 5th [turn-in date] is coming way to fast. Denise

  2. Lomax always take very happy photos.Kamra is always sad in photos. I just can not get that girl to smile for the camera.August 5th [turn-in date]is coming way to fast. only 50 more days with my ball of fur.Denise

  3. Denise — GAH!!! Are you sure it’s the 5th and not the 12th? Are you sure-sure-POSITIVE-sure?

  4. yes, I am sure I asked Yvonne.The 12th is the GDA banquetDenise

  5. i was at open house–i’m so sad i didn’t find you guys. i would have loved to have seen maxy man again!! i even spent some time over by where all the south bay people were–so i’m sure i saw you guys and it just didn’t register who it was! oh well…alisa

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