Lomax As Hero

Okay, I’m at work here, but I have to stop for a minute just to recognize a Lomax achievement.

I’ve noticed in the last few weeks that — usual playtime wiggliness aside — Lomax has been easier to handle and control in general. He’s walking much more consistently on a loose lead in excellent heel position, he’s a little more focused (or easier to bring back to focus in the face of distraction), he just seems more grown up all of a sudden.

So when the fire alarm went off in my office building about 30 minutes ago, I thought nothing of it. I just picked up his leash (and my latte, because really — who knows how long we’ll be standing out there, and if it’s a real emergency I want to be fully caffeinated and alert, right?) and walked calmly to the nearest emergency exit.

In the midst of a crowded stairwell, loud “whoop-whoop-whoop” alarm sounds and flashing emergency lights, I hardly even noticed that Lomax was perfectly calm and steady. It was only after we were all standing outside talking, when someone asked me if he had freaked out, that I realized what an excellent job he’d done.

So I rewarded him with a little greeting and ear-rubbing time from his many admirers before the fire marshall gave us the “all clear” to return to the building.

It was a false alarm, fortunately. If there’s ever actual smoke and fire, I make no guarantees.

2 responses to “Lomax As Hero

  1. Wow! Good boy Lomax! Me and Petey are sending you hugs and puppy kisses and maybe even a few of Petey’s MilkBones for a job well done =)p.s. Jenny, I totally would have taken my latte too

  2. It’s wonderful when they behave so nicely that you don’t even notice. Good for Mr. Lomax!Every time I see the story about Roselle, the seeing eye dog who walked down all those storeys (78 – can you imagine) in the WTC at 9/11, I cry like a baby.

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