Brother Weekend

Lomax is spending the weekend with his brother Liam! I’m going on a quick trip and won’t be posting for a few days, so I’ll just leave you with this picture of the two handsomest dogs in town:

9 responses to “Brother Weekend

  1. ay, the wild beastie appears to have finally been tamed. look at him there, all handsome and grown up.i’ve been stalking your blog for quite some time now. hopefully you don’t mind me adding a link to it from mine?

  2. You guys are a handsome pair. Enjoy your weekend together!HanktheDog

  3. Hey Lomax,We read that you turn 21 months old today …Happy golden birthday (21 on the 21st) buddy.Sam and Patience

  4. Happy 21st month birthday Mr. Lomax! (Hmmm did that sentence make sense at all?) Hope you have a great day!Nat and Petey

  5. aww their both soo handsome!

  6. where are the disneyland pictures? you’re killllling me!

  7. Hi Jenny, I love your blog soo many photos and info. Anyway my name is Eve and I have started a blog about my lab Taz. I am trying to link everybody with a lab so you are on my blog too! Come and have a look if you like and keep up the good work we will be visiting soon again. Your dogs are just gorgoous! Cheers Eve

  8. Thanks, everyone, for the well-wishing and compliments, as always! Sorry we’ve been remiss in both posting and replying to your kind comments…been a busy few weeks.And Deborah, the Disney post will come as soon as I get pics from Liam’s people, who got some terrific shots.

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