Water Dog

Lomax and I met a friend for ice cream at the mall last Thursday night (fortunately, there is a Ben & Jerry’s scoop shop nearby…but even more fortunately, not TOO nearby).

I’d never paid much attention to the fountain before, but when you have a puppy in training, ordinary things take on new meaning. That new meaning usually takes the form of “good training experience,” or “good photo op,” or both. Lomax is accustomed to the huge fountain in front of my office building, but the water in that one flows evenly and continuously. The little geysers of this fountain shoot in patterns and cycles, which surprised him a little. So I let him watch it for a while until he was comfortable enough for the requisite pictures:

4 responses to “Water Dog

  1. those pictures are sooo great! they capture “happy boy lomax” perfectly :-)alisa

  2. Great pics. We’ll be thinking about you this week!

  3. What a pretty boy you have there. 🙂

  4. Great pictures. I know at least one of my puppies would have jumped in.Sam and Patience

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