Does This Mean He’s Obedient Now?

Tonight was our last obedience class. We’ve been attending ongoing weekly classes with many of the same dogs who have been attending for years. That’s the great thing about this — it’s not just a six or eight or ten week course; you can keep coming to keep your dog sharp. A few of our human classmates have been training their pooches for dog shows, and it’s been fun to see the pups’ progress.

So I brought my camera, because I wanted to post some photos of Lomax’s friends.

Here’s most of the lineup:

And who is this handsome young man?

Me with GDA “career change” dog Neon, who looks like the girl version of Lomax:

Chico, in the capable hands of his young handler:

Michael, who’s Chico’s “brother”:

The girls, Olive and Mandy:

Our good buddy Trooper:

When I started taking Lomax to this class last fall, he was so wiggly and distracted that he could hardly walk next to another dog for ten seconds without lunging for playtime. He was also completely focused on the basketball players on neighboring courts. But tonight, he heeled perfectly on a loose lead and ignored the half-dozen or so basketballs that bounced or rolled through our class thanks to the spirited game going on just a few feet away.

He’s come so far already, and I don’t think he’s done yet. Good job, little man.

5 responses to “Does This Mean He’s Obedient Now?

  1. Oh you’ve been posting so much lately – I haven’t been by to catch up! I know Lomax is going back this weekend and my heart is with you guys. I really hope he graduates and becomes a real, live seeing eye dog. I am starting to wish that more often now with Rockwell, because he may only be with us another two months or so. When he goes back depends on when other dogs are coming in and going out of the kennels. I have always been wishing that Rockwell will graduate of course, but when the end draws closer, the wishing becomes more intense. Will you get another pup after Lomax?

  2. I think that’s the happiest moment for a puppy raiser.. When they see how far their dog really has come. It made me happy to read this post. Lomax is an amazing puppy. 🙂 I’m proud of him!

  3. Joanna — I’m so glad things have worked out both for you and for us. Thanks as always for your encouragement, and I will be keeping my eye on Chandler’s progress too, so I can cheer him on when it’s his turn to go IFT!Julia — Thank you for your sympathy (empathy!). Absolutely, I’ll be raising again. What’s in the works for the next few months, though, I’ll be blogging about soon…stay tuned. 🙂

  4. Ohh a little mystery, eh Jenny =PCongrats to you and Lomax! He sure has come a long way! We’ll definitely be thinking of you guys this week.Nat and Petesp.s., Yes, KD is Kraft Dinner to us ‘wacky Canadians” 😉

  5. Aww Lomax! What a good puppy!

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