We enter the next phase of Lomax’s journey tomorrow; in one minute, it will be August 5, 2006. But even with our minds on the future, we can stop to enjoy the moment at hand.

9 responses to “Sunset

  1. Best of luck Lomax buddy ! I know you will make us all proud, and go on to help someone who really needs it – plus be their best friend as well. Hugs and licks to Jenny as well – you’ve done a great job.Lots of love,Opy & all the doggies at DogswithBlogs

  2. Good Luck Buddy!We’ll miss you!Love Charlie

  3. I’ll miss you Maxy man!! Go on and graduate and be a perfect little guide! I was thinking about both of you all last night and all this morning. Last night around 12, I was like “If I was turning in Lomax, what would I be doing? Sleeping?” then I thought, no… I’d stay up with him to get as much Lomax time as I possibly could. Hope you’re doing alright, Jenny!!

  4. Sorry that we haven’t commented lately, but we’ve definately been thinking of you and enjoying all the posts. Best of luck to both of you today, and in the future.Lomax, we know you’ll do your very best in training. We feel very honoured to have been able to watch you grow into the wonderful dog you are, and will continue to root for you throughout your formal training.Jenny (and Joanna too), a most sincere congratulations on all the hard work you have done to prepare Lomax for this day. We look forward to reading about your future puppy-raising adventures.All the best,Sam, Patience, and Amigo

  5. Hi Jenny, I no that recalls can be hard but you did an amasing job with Lomax. I love reading your blog, although I just came at the end I still enjoyed watching Lomaz become a great doguide. Keep us posted on how he’s doing at school. I love the picture BTW.Amy and Zoom

  6. Ahrooo! I thought of you two all day yesterday, knowing today was coming. Please keep us posted and find something else to write about because you do that so well. I know you have another blog but this one has a theme to it so there’s a coherence I like. And if you are going to get another puppy, then you can keep on blogging!

  7. Thinking of you both today. Maggie says, “Lo-MAX!” Audrey says, “Buh!” Lucydog says, “???” (who can tell? she’s locked outside…)

  8. Best of luck to Lomax today as he goes back to school….we know he will do well cause he’s awesome and because you did a great job raising him Jenny (and Joanna)=DWe have really enjoyed reading your blog and watch Lomax as he grew up and became the handsome, mature dog that he is today.Big hugs and puppy kisses,Nat and Petey

  9. Hi,Best of luck Lomax. You are going to change someone’s life for the better. Jenny,My heart goes out to you. It must be very difficult. Congratulations on a job well done. You too have changed someones life.Sh

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