Apparently, Lomax Is It (Our "Five Weird Things")

I’ve been “tagged” by Moonshadow!

Ahhh, the wonderful world of the Internet — the only place on Earth where you can play a game of tag without actually getting any exercise. How do you play? Let me explain:

List “five weird things or habits about you” on your blog. Then “tag” five blogger friends and list their names at the end of your post. Your victims– er, friends (hee hee) have to continue the game by writing their “five weird things” on their own blogs, stating this rule clearly, and tagging five more people (or, in this case, dogs). Don’t forget to let your friends know you’ve tagged them, by leaving a “you’ve been tagged” comment on their blog that instructs them to read your blog for details.

Confused yet? Here. Let me demonstrate by listing Lomax’s “five weird things:”

1. Lomax liked to tuck me in at night. If I turned off my light and got into bed while he was in another part of my bedroom, I would hear him get up and walk over, then I’d feel the pressure of his head pressing on the mattress, making sure I was there, then he’d curl up on the floor next to the bed.

2. When Lomax was REALLY hungry for breakfast or dinner, he’d do this crazy, hopping and spinning dance on his hind legs that made him look like a trained Lipizzaner stallion.

3. Lomax didn’t want anyone visiting my fish tank without his supervision. He’d feel the need to get between you and the tank, and wiggle and wag and snort until you paid him the proper attention that let him know he was cuter than the fish.

4. He wanted no part of the meat department at the grocery store.

5. When I (or my roommate) was sitting in the floor or lying on the couch, Lomax especially enjoyed being the perpetrator of a “drive-by licking.”

Now, who’s it? I tag Chandler, Rockwell, Petey, Zoom, and Jake!

9 responses to “Apparently, Lomax Is It (Our "Five Weird Things")

  1. Awww now we feel all warm and fuuzy inside ;)….except…there’s nobody left to tag!!

  2. Haha, CRAP! I haven’t had Chandler long enough, I don’t know five weird thigns about him!! Not fair. Hmm… I’ll have to think about it. 🙂 Give me some time. Hehe.. That’s funny. I love Lomaximus.

  3. Hi Jenny,Good to see you back on deck.”Drive by Licking” – I must try that one:-)Chuckles

  4. LOL Willow and Stella have a “hungry” dance too! 🙂

  5. Yeah, Geez – EVERYBODY got tagged! Although I have to admit that I’ve had lots of fun back tracking all through the tag-trail. I thought I’d leave you a special hello since we’re both in LA and because ‘Beastie’ is one of my nicknames too!I’ll be back to check more of your posts soon! :PBrody

  6. I loved the one about tucking you in at night. sigh.

  7. Hey again Jenny,Sorry for the fox-paw, I made a mess in your comments:-) Dont worry though, it will dry up eventually:-)Anyways, I Just wanted you to know Lomax was nominated again in the Dogs With Blogs awards this month. (See The Bone Zone discussion boards for details on the August awards)He is nominated for photo of the month with “Air Lomax”He’s got my vote:-)Chuckles

  8. Thanks, Charlie! I’ll check it out!

  9. Hi,I came across your website while researching access laws for puppies in training in Nevada. My husband and I will be in Las Vegas (without the kids) in Oct for a conference and were wondering if we should bring Birdie, our puppy in training. Here in Georgia the laws are very clear that puppies in training have the same access as working guide dogs. We will bring her if the law is behind us, but will leave her here if not, we don’t feel like a fight while on vacation.Any thoughts?

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