The Blog Verdict is In…

…and I’ve decided to stay right here, rather than starting a new blog for every new dog. Thank you to everyone who commented with an opinion!

As much as I sympathize with those who have low bandwith and slow computers (that used to be me, too), I think it’s ultimately easiest for almost everyone if I just continue with this blog. That way, new readers can have easier access to Lomax’s story if they want, and everyone who’s been so gracious as to link to me won’t have to do any updating. And of course, I won’t have to sign in and out a billion times when I’m posting about different dogs (good point, Sam).

I’ve been dogless since last Friday, when I took Ike back to his regularly scheduled puppy raisers. I’ll be blogging about him soon, I promise…I’ve just been enjoying a little break from posting and walking and feeding and grooming and training, et cetera….

2 responses to “The Blog Verdict is In…

  1. Yay! We love reading To Tame the Wild Beastie! =D

  2. Thanks, Nat! How’d your piano exam go? I was thinking about you. 🙂

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