Ingrid Likes Socks

12 responses to “Ingrid Likes Socks

  1. Well, at least Ikey and Pepper doodle only like to carry them around and bring them back! Never had a hole here!!! Ikey misses you and says thanks for all you love and help. He says he will slip notes to Lomax suring calss and work the party scene with him, as he too is a fun lovin’ kind of guy!!

  2. Well, this sock was the only casualty in three weeks, though she did occasionally wander around with other socks in her mouth. This one must have been especially delicious.Kiss the doodles for me! See you guys tomorrow at graduation?

  3. Aww pretty socks!! I lvoe how the holes make a surprised smiley! hahaMany of my school socks look like that as well thanks to Petey

  4. Haaa!!! Awesome. I miss that girl!

  5. Oh dear. Rockwell seemed to outgrow his prediliction for socks early, although he would once in a while go get one for old time’s sake.

  6. Graduation was lovely, as always! Harvey, the big lug who was my last pre-Lomax puppysitting assignment, graduated. 🙂 He’s adorable. How was Fresno?

  7. Fresno was GREAT!! So much fun!! Christina and I drove out there.. we probably ate too much junk food over the weekend, but we still had a blast! Thank you! 🙂

  8. Wow Lomaxthat was a pair of Hol(e)y socks worn by a Whole(y) person

  9. who is the one with the un natural feet? you know, the ones with the second toe shorter than the big one.

  10. second toe shorter than the big one is how it’s supposed to be! Haha! This comment made me laugh as my family used to have many arguements about it. 🙂

  11. I’m with you, Joanna! Keep your freak-toes to yourself, Dad. 🙂

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