Congratulations to Liam and Voight’s Mom & Dad

Liam’s people — Matt and Amy — officially became Mr. and Mrs. Toussaint this afternoon. It was a sweet, intimate ceremony that included Guide Dog Voight and his partner Mary as ring bearers. Matt and Amy are loved by many, people and dogs alike. Unfortunately, not everyone in either category was fortunate enough to be able to attend the wedding, but three very special individuals made sure to send a letter to be read during the proceedings….

Dear Mom and Dad,

Greetings from Guide Dog College! Lomax and Nevada and I wish we could all be there to help you celebrate your big day, but as it turns out, we’ve got some midterms to study for, and the professors here take attendance in class like EVERY DAY. Seriously, we’ve tried skipping out a couple of times just to blow off some steam — you know, Lab-shuffle drag-racing down Glenoaks Boulevard, or taking a road trip or something — but no can do. They like to keep the three of us wearing extra-jingly collars and tags, and the big-mouth poodle a few kennels down doesn’t help in the secret-keeping department. Anyway, like I said, we wish we could be there.

But we know Voight’s there as our representative, and that’s awesome. I’m sure he looked handsome and dignified walking down the aisle with Mary…Lomax says all the classy dogs are wearing bow ties this season. Please also tell Voight from the three of us college students that Mary can do whatever she wants, but he should remember to be responsible at the reception, because he’s the designated driver.

So, this wedding thing. We’re totally proud of you guys, and we were trying to come up with some stuff to say to honor you and the occasion. All of us know how much you love each other. Voight and I especially know it because it showed in how you raised us — love is the foundation for all good things, including being a great mom and dad. Nevada told me to tell you that he hopes you have lots of puppies of your own some day. He says you’d get to keep them for 18 years instead of just 18 months. Is that true? Man, I wouldn’t want to be there for THAT turn-in day!

What else…oh yeah. The guys and I were thinking that getting married must be kind of like becoming a working guide team. You two are both important to the success of the team. You may have different roles, but you are equally dependent on each other, working together to get where you need to go. You’ll have to listen and communicate really well and be ready to face some tough challenges. Sometimes you’ll have to figure out how to get around something that’s in your way, that maybe only one of you can see. You’ll have to protect and respect and take care of each other, and always make the decision that will be best for the team, not just the individual.

We weren’t quite sure how this part would work, but we figure you guys will probably have to take turns wearing the harness.

Anyway, we want to say that we love you and we’re proud of you, and we’re glad this day is here. Say hi to everyone for us, and have fun at the reception! (Lomax is TOTALLY bummed he’s gonna miss the dancing, so I hope you’re getting some good pictures.)

With love and smiles and wagging tails,

Liam & Lomax & Nevada

4 responses to “Congratulations to Liam and Voight’s Mom & Dad

  1. Looks like a beautiful wedding. and Wow, I wish we got long updates like that from DGC!Buhbye, Amy &Polaris &Cliff

  2. Yay Matt and Amy!!!! Very exciting. πŸ™‚ Who wrote the letter?! VERY cute. πŸ™‚

  3. Sweet sentiments. Who knew there would be so many parallels with guide dogs!?

  4. Hi, guys –My apologies to any of you who may have seen a couple of inappropriate (okay, disgusting) comments left on this post by some loser who’s apparently looking for attention. I hope no one was too offended.I’ve reported the guy to Blogger and turned on comment moderation. Sorry for the inconvenience, but I’d rather be able to cut off his words before they go public. Thanks for understanding!

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