Please Mr. Postman

As most of you know, I’m in the middle of writing my novel. Or, rather, I’m past the middle of the month-long noveling adventure, and my word count is, let’s say, not quite as past the middle as it should be, which is why I’m spending my Saturday night at home writing, instead of my usual activity…spending my Saturday night at home doing laundry. Hmm. I guess that’s a story for my other blog.

Anyway, I was going a little bonkers and had to get out of my apartment, so I went to Chipotle to grab a power-noveling burrito. A woman behind the counter spied my Guide Dogs of America sweatshirt and asked if I was a trainer. After explaining the difference between “trainer” and “puppy raiser,” I told her that while I unfortunately did not have a four-legged charge with me this evening, I used to bring my dog there all the time.

She smiled. “The Golden Lab, right?”

Smiling back, I didn’t bother correcting her (YELLOW Lab — say it loud: “I’m yellow and proud!”). “That’s the one. Lomax. He’s in formal training right now.”

She gave me the sympathy face. It’s funny how even people who don’t know anything else about the program seem to know about this part.

What a great moment that was! On my way back out to the parking lot after much well-wishing on the part of this woman I don’t recall ever having seen before, I thought to myself, wow. Either Lomax made a more memorable impression than I ever realized, or I have been eating too many burritos. And I found myself wondering how he’s doing, and when (if?) I would receive my next “Postcard From the Moof.”

Lo and behold, I checked the mail on my way back into the apartment:

Dear Mom,

Hi! My trainers tell me that I’ve completed my first set of tests wearing my harness! I got to guide my trainer while they were blindfolded the other day. It sure was fun!

I know I still have a lot to learn & soon we will learn to guide on stairs, elevators & even escalators!

We have fun when we’re not working too. The kennel staff gives us bones and toys to play with. We also run & play in the grassy off-leash area!

Take care!

Wiggles & Wags,


You go, little man…keep up the good work!

13 responses to “Please Mr. Postman

  1. I’ll take the fajita, chicken, no rice w/ avo and sour cream, please. I can add the dog hair when I get home!!! Can’t wait to read the novela as I so enjoy the blog! Is there another blog I am missing? Hope Lomax is sending his crib notes down the dorm hall to Ike, who will gladly take them out of the trash if he throws them away!! K

  2. Coming right up, Kari! LOL. I find great irony in the fact that a McDonald’s-owned burrito chain has the best guacamole in town….And there is, indeed, another blog…I never really posted a permanent link to it from the sidebar here, because it’s more of a personal web journal, comprised of random bits & pieces & rants & weird stuff & other things about which I am passionate. But hey, it’s up there and you’re free to take a peek if you like (if you dare?): future ref, you can also get to it by clicking on “View My Complete Profile” at the upper right on the Beastie site.)

  3. He passed prelims!!! What a good boy he is!!!!

  4. yay lomax!i love the reports you guys get 🙂

  5. Good work, Lomax! I hope he makes it all the way. He’ll make a great guide dog for some lucky handler.Cute postcard!

  6. Wow, guiding someone while that person is blindfolded! I will have to see that one for myself if/when Rockwell manages it. I think when his lightbulb finally goes ‘on’, then he will be so good but I believe his trainers are still waiting for him to settle some more. We are each individuals and it all takes time.

  7. Alright go lomax i knew you could do it!~Jake and Honey and Rei

  8. Happy Thanksgiving to one of our favourite americans!!! =Dnat, petes and fielder

  9. Thanks for your encouragement, everybody! Somehow it seems like he’s simultaneously been there forever and for no time at all. I know it sounds crazy.And thank you, Nat & Petes & Fielder! I am full of turkey and pumpkin pie, and about to drift blissfully into dreamland….:)

  10. So glad that Lomax is doing good – although we never had any doubts that he would :-)LoveOpy

  11. keep up the good work Lomax! wet lickies from Mirabella in Dubai 😛

  12. Thanks, Opy and Mirabella! That’s one of the coolest things about keeping this blog…international friends. :)Big wet lickies right back at ya!

  13. Wonderful info. My belated thanksgiving to LOMAX.Dog advicer from INDIA

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