Happy Howloween

You guys know I’m busy this month, right? Well, no worries. I’ve pre-written a few blog entries that I’ll be posting over the next thirty days just so you won’t forget all about me.

Please enjoy these fine photos of some of the South Bay pups in costume at our October meeting….

Ike as Sirius Black, accompanied by his boy Beck as Harry Potter:

The always enchanting (and perfectly postured!) Princess Wrio:

Reese, as a martini, winner of “most creative” costume:

Ember, as a very intimidating SWAT team police dog:

Breeder Jetta and puppy Victory (both black Labs), winners of “scariest costume” for their realistic portrayal of poodles:

And finally, the incomparably adorable Soren The Pooh:

Happy Halloween!

5 responses to “Happy Howloween

  1. Wow!!! NaNoWriMo…good luck!!!!!Do we get to read it after? 😛

  2. I love these, especially the lab/poodles!

  3. Very creative costumes. Gives me good ideas for next year.Buhbye, Amy &Polaris &Cliff

  4. Good Luck on the novel Jenny. I did that last year too – and “won” – but WOW! it’s a lot of work. And Happy (belated) Halloween. Love the pics, especially the martini, so cute! :-)-Laura, LD Willow, and Stella

  5. Nat: Thanks! And…ummm…no. :)Cubby: Welcome! Thanks for the comment! Yes, I think the lab/poodles were probably the most disturb– er, *interesting* costumes of the night. :)Amy & Polaris & Cliff: I’m always surprised at the creativity level of the costumes! I wish I’d gotten more pics — there were also nuns and boxers and Chippendale dancers….Laura & Willow & Stella: Thanks! Yes, it’s a ton of work, and I am behind already! I’d better get back to work. =^P

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