The Wreturn of Wrio

I have a special place in my heart for this little firecracker.

I call her names like “Snortles” and “GruntyPig.” She is constantly grunting and snorting, even while fully conscious. And I’ve already mentioned the snoring that my roomie hears from the other side of the wall shared by our bedrooms.

She has a monogrammed tail. See the “W” for “Wrio?”

Wrio also likes to lay her head on things that could not possibly be comfortable:

* the metal base of a floor lamp
* the base of my rolling office chair at work
* the base of my rolling office chair at home
* the wooden crossbar of a TV tray
* the bottom bookshelf
* a chewed and prickly Nylabone

She’s mischievous, too. I’d take something away from her and set it safely out of reach on the half wall that separates my kitchen from my living room, and five minutes later, as soon as my back was turned, she’d have it again. My roommate defended her when I accused Wrio of jumping up onto the couch to retrieve the forbidden object.

Until, that is, I pointed out the four little dents in the cushion where her stealthy feet had been. Amy was scandalized. There is some serious Scarlett O’Hara in this dog — “Look how lovely and innocent I appear to be! Why, I couldn’t possibly be guilty of such a thing!”

And why is she so fun to dress up?

2 responses to “The Wreturn of Wrio

  1. She looks like Veebs in that last pic. I have MANY pictures of Vienna just sitting there with her HUGE tounge sticking out. It also reminds me of one picture I took of Fala when she was about five months old. I put a towel on her head and forced her to pose… My poor dogs.

  2. LOL — I know what you mean, Joanna. I remember seeing Vienna at graduation, and thinking “that dog has SOME tongue!” And yes…I mostly disagree with “dressing” dogs, but there’s something about putting something on them as a joke or for an occasion….

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