Snuggles and Snorts: The World According to Paige

My friends and fellow raisers Amy and Matt, in addition to rejoicing about their soon-to-graduate Guide Dog Liam AND preparing for their soon-to-arrive Puppy In Training Tai, are also fostering Paige.

Paige was re-homed after a year, and has made tremendous progress in her few short months with her new handlers. I watched her for just a few days a couple of weeks ago, so I could give Matt and Amy my perspective. She’s a very good girl, and did well in both my office and home environments.

What can I tell you about Paige? For one thing, she’s beautiful, and quite skilled at giving the “puppydog eyes” in an effort to gain sympathy despite her fairly charmed life. Her coat is thick and lustrous, her features wide and solid like an English Lab. She graciously received compliments wherever we went.

Secondly, she rivals Wrio in terms of pure noise pollution. I wanted to get the two of them together for a snort-off. She is also a snorer. And then there’s the belching. This is one of the many reasons M & A refer to her as their “delicate flower.”

But my favorite thing about Miss Paige is that she is the cuddliest dog ever. She’s laid back, she’s snuggly, she wants to be near you. I took her to my friend’s house for a “girls’ night in” evening of board games and food and shrieking with laughter, and Paige hardly budged all night. And she was more than willing to cuddle with the hostess:

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