"T" Minus 24 Hours and Counting

This time tomorrow, I will be sitting through my first official “puppy orientation” speech at GDA, squirming and fidgeting in anticipation of the appearance of Truman.

And his brother Tai, being raised by Matt & Amy.

And his sister Tia, being raised by the family who raised Guide Dog Harvey.

4 responses to “"T" Minus 24 Hours and Counting

  1. Good luck with the orientation! It’s torture, having to sit there knowing your puppy is RIGHT THERE waiting for you!!!! I’m SOO excited for you Jenny!!!! I will not be picking up Dash tomorrow. I decided that if we did run in to you and the pups, it’d be a little too exciting for Dash, and I don’t think that’s how I want to start out our time together. πŸ™‚ I find it rather ironic that we’re both getting our next dogs on the same weekend!!! Our boys will have to be buds. πŸ™‚ Mine will just be a tad larger than yours. πŸ™‚

  2. I did not have to go thru an orientation with Oceana(I wish I could of it the excitment building till you get your new puppy). As Since there were only two of them and had us pick up at 3:30pm, so they rushed us out of GDA as everyone wanted to go home. Tori is being picked up by Sandy tomorrow also. Give little Truman lots of hugs and kisses.Denise

  3. We can hardly wait for “the brudders” to ride again (and their sister too!)!Here’s to Truman and Tai!Love,M&A

  4. ahhh, soooo exciting jenny! have fun with him–enjoy the baby puppyness! and oh yes, those orientations are torture. joanna and i always go together (tradition!) and we sit there fidgeting the whole time over our excitement of the new baby we’re about to receive. thankfully louise seems to understand the excitement involved with said events that routinely occur fridays at 1, so she’s been pretty cool about our hyperactivity πŸ™‚ enjoy his puppy breath and frito feet for me!

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