The Truman Show Begins

The Truman Show begins, that is, with an ensemble cast. I know you’re all dying to see a picture, so without further ado…ladies and gentlemen, meet the “T” litter:

From left to right: Thatcher, Trooper, Tia, Tori, Tai, and Truman (that’s right, this is a very important litter, containing both a president and a prime minister)

A closer view of the South Bay T-Dogs (Tai, Truman and Tia):

And then one of the man himself, beloved Truman:

Of course there are stories to tell, but they’ll have to wait for tomorrow, because I’m tired. Truman is sleeping in the crate right next to me, and if I expect to get in some shut-eye before he emits his first “take me to pee!” noises, I’d better jump into bed now.

10 responses to “The Truman Show Begins

  1. He is too cute! Good luck with that first few days!Sarah and the I’s

  2. So how did orientation go???Did you sleep well last night??? I have never been able to both my puppies screamed the first night for their brothers and sisters. Denise

  3. oh my gosh, jenny, truman is ADORABLE!! sooooo cute! hope you managed to get some sleep tonight…but then again you probably got the puppy that sleeps thruogh the night on his first try 🙂 have fun with him!!i was walking up from lower campus late last night and there was a family walking their two huskies and a black lab. i definitely stopped and made a big commotion about the cuteness of the labbie before continuing on!

  4. Oh my gosh he’s SOOOOO cute!!!!!! I’m seeing many many play dates with the two other South Bay “T” puppies in his future!!! He’s SOO cute Jenny, I’m SO excited for you!!! 🙂

  5. So how many times did you get YOUR mom up, Truman?Love, Tai

  6. They’re soo cute and TINY! I want a small puppy when I get my next one!

  7. Awwww!! He’s so adorable!! I love how he’s smiling in the first pic 🙂

  8. Truman is a doll..

  9. I’m almost as happy as you must be, sleepless or not. He is adorable. I’m printing out the photo of him sitting on the grass to send to my Mum, who is doing remarkably well and is out of the ICU. She lurves dogs too and when she gets home (it might even be in a week!), I will send her your URL so she can read all about Truman growing up.

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