GDA Puppy Class

April 7 — Truman’s first puppy class at GDA

The ride up to GDA on Truman’s first Saturday puppy class was lovely, thanks to Velo’s puppy raisers, who offered to carpool. The boys were thrilled to see each other…at least, that’s what I think the ridiculous barking was all about.

The moment we parked and opened the door in the parking lot to “Doggy Disneyland,” as GDA is known, all bets were off. Truman did nothing but bark and lunge and spin in the presence of other dogs. This is not entirely a surprise — the school is a challenge even for older puppies with stellar obedience skills. But Truman was like a piano wire on the verge of snapping, the whole time.

We attempted to take a side-by-side photo with his only other littermate in attendance, but neither of the pups cooperated, so the humans had to step in. Family resemblance, you think? Adorable sister Tori not only looks just like Truman, but they share a similar “voice” as well. “I know you! I know you! BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK!”

After a heeling exercise (which is always a challenge because your dog is either attempting to butt-sniff someone or being butt-sniffed himself) and a little obedience, we paired off with other pups and hunted for Easter eggs.

Such hard work earns you a little rest:

2 responses to “GDA Puppy Class

  1. oh my goodness tori and truman!!! the cuteness is overwhelming

  2. Your dog is very sweet

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