Truman Meets the South Bay

April 9 — Truman’s first South Bay meeting was full of activity. He was officially introduced to the group (though I forgot to mention his status as a very important sponsored dog — whoops!), and actually did quite well lying under my chair for the announcements and official business.

But the fun part was obedience at the beginning of the meeting. The dogs still in puppy kindergarten were separated from the rest of the group and given their own obstacle course and set of distractions.

While Truman and brother Tai looked on the dancing chicken with more than a little concern, my little man took the stairs like a pro. He should be a pro by now — he lives in my third-floor apartment. Here I am telling him if I can run down three flights with him and his tiny bladder at 5:30 in the morning without tripping and killing the both of us, he can certainly deal with six measly steps:

2 responses to “Truman Meets the South Bay

  1. You’ve been busy! Blogging too. Great pix of you and Truman. He sure does LOOK adorable. :)Keep up the good work! I loved your story about the dogs on the train and the peoples’ faces.

  2. I love Truman’s little feet all staggered in a row in that very first picture. Too cute.

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