Puppy Swap!

This weekend we traded brother for brother, Truman for Tai. I enjoyed hosting the little black dog! Okay, not so little: at last check, four-month-old Truman weighs 34 pounds, and Tai weighs in at an even more studly 38.8 pounds. In addition to their sturdy builds and handsome faces, the boys have more than a few things in common. For example, they BOTH know how to play innocent for the camera. Perhaps you see the resemblance….

Truman and me, at a coffee house on Friday:

Truman, asking if we are ready to leave the coffee house:

Tai and me, at church on Sunday:

Tai, asking if we are ready to leave church:

While Truman was busy chasing Paige and “getting his wiggles out” at Matt & Amy’s house on Saturday, Tai and I had snuggle time and ran a few quick errands. Sunday afternoon, Truman had a lovely 3-hour kennel nap while the rest of us joined other puppy raisers at a showing of Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. Truman did, however, manage to join us for dinner at El Torito, where he snored away contentedly on the tile floor, despite being in close quarters under the table with three other dogs he knows.

The key is to exhaust him, which is easier said than done. But we persist….

4 responses to “Puppy Swap!

  1. Oh, that comparison of Tai and Truman is hilarious. And so appropriate! Looks like fun.

  2. OMG~~They are both so darn cute…

  3. They both have leetle wrinkly heads!!! precious!!p.s. loving the converses! 🙂

  4. Runza, it WAS fun swapping. It’s always nice to get to know a littermate!Tabatha, they know. They know.Nat, thanks! I have ’em in pink, too! 😉

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