Sleepy Memorial Day

Someone is still tired from his big weekend.

I am enjoying this sedentary moment while it lasts.

2 responses to “Sleepy Memorial Day

  1. He’s so cute! And you’re right, he and Tai really do look alike!! 🙂 I can’t believe that he weighs SO much, wow!!!! I think you’re going to have a VERY big boy on your hands. Have fun with that! 🙂 Kiss the monster man for me (if you dare get that close!)!

  2. Yes, the monster man is getting more monstrous (in size, anyway) by the day! Fortunately, he’s not a “puller” when he walks, so that’s been manageable thus far…and I’m hoping he will be neutered before the ol’ hormones make him crazy. :)Three days ’til Camry!!!!

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