Happy Fourth!

It’s been a pretty laid back day, as holidays go. When the Fourth of July is on a Wednesday….

I began my day by volunteering with Soldiers’ Angels at the JP Blecksmith Memorial 5K Run. Truman got to sleep in, but was happily hopping around the living room with Amy by the time I got back. He had another nice nap while Amy and I went to see Ratatouille (which is highly recommended, by the way!) then spent the rest of the hot, humid afternoon lazing in the apartment with us. We just got back from a nice walk around the neighborhood, where we took the above photo (hard to find a REAL flag at an appropriate height for a picture) and enjoyed the sights and sounds of neighborhood family gatherings and a few bold daylight firecrackers.

The big local fireworks shows should start in about an hour, and I figure we’ll probably just go out on on the balcony — or maybe on the roof! — to see what we can see, which gives us a quick escape route back to the apartment if it’s too much for the little man.

UPDATE: We went up to the roof, where if you look carefully you can see as many as eight or nine different fireworks shows all over the southland, the closest of which is near enough to make some impressive light and sound. Truman could see that one, and watched, unafraid, for a good while before growing tired of the spectacle and returning to his preferred activity of sampling the delicious bird poop at his feet. My fearless little wonder. Good dog!

Happy Fourth of July!

4 responses to “Happy Fourth!

  1. Look how big he is!! good boy for being so good with the fireworks!

  2. I so loved Ratatouille also. I took 8 kids (my cousins) to go see it they have been talking and playing chef since we saw it last Sat. What a nice sit stay he did for you. You are right Joanna is is getting big.

  3. Truman is so cute! Glad he isn’t fazed by the fireworks. Hope it stays that way.What a great pup!Labs used to be bred to not be gun shy, now there isn’t that focus. I wonder if more labs are becoming more noise sensitive? I do know that reports show that early neutering can predispose.I wonder how Truman’s peers and littermates did with the Fourth. Were all pretty uniform? Was there a color differential? (yellow vs black vs any that might be chocolate?)

  4. Hey,just came across your blog because of the mention of Soldiers Angels, and wanted to say ‘Hello’! from another Angel 🙂

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