Dog-Free at Disneyland

GDA has a rule about theme parks: puppies must be twelve months or older to go. So unfortunately, when we learned that Natalie was coming to the Happiest (and Most Expensive) Place on Earth, both Joanna and I knew we were in the same boat — our little ones would be too little to attend. So while Camry was at a puppysitter’s house and Truman was in his kennel at home for a few hours, the two of us headed to Disneyland to meet a fellow raiser from another country, with whom we’ve become acquainted via dog-blogging. (This is why the Internet is cool!)

I was dogless, which was a nice break for me. But one of the benefits of having a dog with you at Disneyland is that you don’t really have to wait in line to go on most of the rides; you’re treated like a “wheelchair party.” Being wise to that principle, Joanna borrowed a dog for the day: Price, who just happens to be a littermate of the lovely Miss Paige. They look quite a bit alike, and Price is also, like his sister, a belly-rub beggar and world-class snuggler. Price’s presence ensured our VIP treatment, and brought the requisite “ooh”s and “aah”s from passersby, who could not help but notice his handsome face and professional demeanor.

Though I only had a few hours to spend at the park (because my wee beastie can only spend so much time at home in the kennel), it was fun to meet Natalie and go on a couple of rides, to swap puppy stories and take a few pics and eat ice cream at the Carnation place (where Price could stay cool on the nice marble floor after a walk on warm pavement). I’ll let Joanna give you the details, but I will say that Price did very well and managed the crowds with ease. I enjoyed taking the leash a few times and remembering what having a big dog is like.

It’s too bad we didn’t get to meet each other’s dogs! Maybe Truman and Camry would like to go on a road trip to Toronto for a playdate with Fielder….

6 responses to “Dog-Free at Disneyland

  1. Thanks for posting again! I feel bereft without my dog fixes for the day and “Daily Puppy” can only do so much.I love the way Price’s feet all line up in the first photo.

  2. How cool to meet each other! ISn’t the internet amazing? Being VIPs at Disneyland sounds like fun too! Which rides are dogs allowed on?Oh, and do you mind if I link to you?

  3. the happiest and most expensive place on earth… too true!!! But it was very worth it, and I’m SO glad you were able to come!!!

  4. I have to admit being extremely jealous of you guys! But we have friends that live out there so maybe one day!! ha ha !!

  5. I got an update on Rockwell! Check out the blog.

  6. YAY Disneyland! It was superfun, and I’m waiting for you and Jo to come visit now!! šŸ˜‰

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